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   St. Louis Cemetery #1 Tour


Why take a guided tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1? If your interest is just to look at tombs and take pictures a guided tour is unnecessary.

If you're an intellectually curious person who likes learning about history, culture, burial customs, architecture, and geography, then our guided tour is for you.

St. Louis #1 is the oldest existing cemetery in New Orleans. It was, and to some extent, still is, a French Catholic cemetery. Many gravestones are in French, but with the help of your guide, you'll be reading them in no time at all.

You will find the funerary customs and practices intriguing. You will be charmed by the symbolism which personalizes many tombs.

At the end of your tour, you will have learned more about our history and culture than you ever imagined possible.

   Tour Details

Tours are by appointment to fit your schedule. It is best to book ahead of time, if possible. We do our best to accommodate you.

Children ages 9 and younger are welcome to come along at no extra charge.

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